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Core of the clinic

2013 至今

Imperial Dental Clinic was established in Taiwan. The main goal is to create the best oral rehabilitation medical environment; integrated oral rehabilitation therapy is the most high class and difficult medical procedure.

Integrated oral rehabilitation treatment integrates different specialists to focus on the same customer's dental care and cooperate with each other. Imperialu Dental Clinic is an oral rehabilitation medical center established by a number of specialist physicians who become partners. The rich experience, friendly consultation and adherence to medical quality are insistences of the clinic. Another insistence is to integrate customized services.

Therefore, all the software and hardware are based on the latest technology. Providing the best diagnosis and treatment with the most professional and precise medical technology. Moreover, expecting the clinic will be the most elite oral rehabilitation hospital in Taiwan.

Advantage of the clinic

「Five reasons why you feel comfortable in PinYu Dental Clinic」

In the PinYu Dental Clinic, patients can enjoy the medical environment and services with peace of mind.

1. Advanced medical equipment and comfortable environment

The PinYu Dental Clinic not only provides the most professional and sophisticated medical technology but also has a complete sterilization management system for surgical instruments. Thorough cleaning of the instrument is an important part of the postoperative period; it is equipped with an independent clinic, operating room, patient lounge, etc. to protect patient privacy. .

2. Top dentist team + sedative team

A professional medical team is necessary. The dentists of the institute all have the national medical certification, the qualifications and highly professionalism for the patients to feel safe; and treated by the PinYu family organized by specialist doctors and family dentists.

3. Thousands of successful implants in six years

PinYu clinic was established for more than six years. The company has accumulated clinical experience and improved technology. There are not only many cases of single implant dentures, but also hundreds of All-on-4 successful stories, and the success rate has increased by years.

4. Computer Assisted Laboratory is set up in the clinic to provide precision mechanic

There is Computer Assisted Laboratory in the hospital. The technicians can make dentures directly in the clinic. They can also communicate with the dentists immediately to reduce the chance of error and create a perfect smile for the patients to restore the health.

5. Care and management before and after surgery

The project manager in the institute will be your consultant. Pre-operative instructions can make patients more aware of the treatment process and oral conditions; post-operative care can make the dentures more durable and higher success rate. And teaching the correct maintenance concept to the patient to reduce the possibility of recurrence of periodontal disease.

Clinic Equipment

X-Nav”X-Guide Surgical Navigation System - Da Vinci Arm

The latest technology of dental implants, the world's most accurate technology, and more secure, can restore beauty quickly.

Periodontal Laser Therapy

The light-sensitive agent is coated on the pathological tissue. When the laser irradiates on the diseased tissue, the light-sensitive agent will be excited after absorb the laser light. Therefore, achieving a sterilizing effect and effectively controlling the periodontal disease.

Zeiss Dental Examination Microscope

Provides a high-quality optical system that allows dentists to see the condition more clearly and improve the quality of treatment.


Accurately identify the colors of the surrounding teeth to create realistic dentures for each patient.

Carestream Intraoral Scanner

The traditional impression is replaced by digital impression. The design and production of dentures were digitized. Not only improve the efficiency, but also reduce deformation and error caused by complicated technical steps of the traditional impression method.

Extraoral Source X-ray System

Through the X-ray film, you can see whether there are any root problems that hardly recognized by naked eyes. Using the maximum radiation dose to obtain the maximum diagnostic effect.

Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

After looking at the 3D stereoscopic image processed by the computer, dentist can fully understand the patient's oral condition, including periodontal tissue, wide of alveolar bone, and high-grade bone structure etc.

3D printer

Only designed for dentistry. It provides precise medical aids and models. 3D printed objects can produce more accurate model within less time.

Surgical Physiological Monitor System

Control patient blood pressure, heart rate and glycemic index.

Dedicated Surgical shadowless lamp and camera

The shadowless lamp can have zero dead angles and even brighter light; the camera can record the surgical procedure.

Target Controlled Infusion (TCI)

According to each person's needs to provide a complete anesthesia process. Avoiding common complications of nausea and vomiting which caused by mostly using traditional inhaled anesthetics.

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2013 至今







1. 先進醫療設備及舒適環境


2. 頂尖醫師團隊+舒眠鎮靜團隊


3. 六年間數千個植體成功案例數


4. 院內進駐技工所,提供精密技工技術


5. 術前術後的照顧重視與管理















錐狀射束電腦斷層掃描(Cone-Beam Computed Tomography,CBCT)












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